Wall O’ Shame

Welcome To the Wall of Shame

This is a wall where I post the names and company names of spammers and scammers that attempt an attack on me for the world to see. Got someone to add? Just let me know in the contact tab and I’ll add them. Stop the scam!


  • onesourcerestoration.com- Jason Morgan. This guy needs to learn not to post meaningless comments and spam.
  • Rumblefish- Robbing Youtubers blind by abusing a One-sided system.
  • VR-Zone: They invited me to contribute an article, published it, never gave me credit, and never gave me my promised payment.
  • Vídeo Brinquedo (Toyland Video)- More of a love hate relationship. I dislike that they unfairly rip off as many movies as they do and get away with it, but it makes me laugh.

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