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Welcome to The App Store Chronicle Review Central- the main directory of all the hundreds of products we’ve reviewed. We’ve got the best smartphones, cases, computers, apps, and accessories listed here along with links to comprehensive reviews.

 *New: Our Review of the closed beta of the new Myspace*



Recently featured gadgets:


Cases And Accesories:

Gadgets- Smartphones, Tablets, Etc:



iOS Games:

  • UnblockMe: The Best Puzzle Game on the iPhone by FAR!
  • Logos Quiz- Test Your Branding Knowledge
  • Zynga Poker- This may be poker, but Zynga hit the jackpot with this one. The Editor’s Choice For Fremium Apps.
  • Air Supremecy Review: Dogfighting and fighter jet simulation game for iphone

iOS Apps:

  • Quicklytics- Making Google Analytics More Fun- and iPhone Accesible
  • Evi Voice Assistant- An Assistant For Those Of us who don’t get along with Siri- Not As bad as when I first reviewed it- Should I Revisit?
  • Qik Video- A Combo videochat and Social Video Stream App That Works very well. From the creators of Skype.

Mac Apps:

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