Mac Performance Tools

Is your mac slowing down without a noticeable cause? Do you want to brag about your nice new computer? There are a lot of great tools out their to monitor and research the performance of your mac. Normally I would put something like this into one of our awesome daily articles, but this is constantly evolving, and may be better suited for a page, so this is where I’m keeping a list. These are pro tools for mac performance.

  • Nova bench (free on Mac App Store)- Novabench is great for getting a general overview of your computer’s performance in every area. Nova bench runs benchmark tests with the click of a button that grade your computer overall, grade your hard drive (and give write speed and capacity), grade your graphics (and give 3D FPS), grade your CPU with various stats, and grade your RAM with RAM speed. Even better is that Novabench is cross-platform, and offers results on their website so you can compare your computer’s benchmark to nearly every kind of computer in the world. It’s a great mac performance monitor for the price.
  • Space Gremlin ($4.00 in mac app store)- Space Gremlin is great for finding large files that you wouldn’t normally find by graphically representing the size of hidden and visible files to show what’s sucking up your disk.
  • Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (free in mac app store)- Blackmagic DST is a priceless tool for people who do graphics, or video-editing work, and valuable for everyone else as well. Its’ short test determines the speed of your disk, and its’ capabilities in terms of video editing and such.
  • Battery Health (free in the store)- Feel like your battery life on your mac is really short? Lithium ion batteries lose capacity and do practically expire, so you should keep Battery Health on your machine to monitor maximum charge vs original maximum, number of cycles,  capacity, time remaining by activity (really useful), age, and temperature.

These are very simple tools, but they are the tools that nerds use. These are pro tools so you’re getting the best, and most of these mac tools are free! I hope these help you. Check out all of our other help here.

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