Modern Family And Microsoft Go a bit Wild with the Product Placement

modern family windows product placement

Microsoft must have paid Modern Family a lot of money for the rights to product placement, because in one screenshot, I found eight products placed, from a Windows tablet, to a Surface-like tablet, to Windows laptops. Seriously, it's a barrage of Windows Products. It's the best marketing I've seen from Microsoft in recent years. Especially compared to their awful TV ads. Check it out for yourself. … [Read more...]

iPhone 5S Vs Nokia Lumia 1020: An Objective Comparison

Everyone has compared the new iPhone 5S to the 5C, the Samsung Galaxy SIIII, and the nexus 4, but nobody has really compared it to Nokia's Lumia 1020 Windows phone... until now. Design Both phones are rather beautiful in their own way. The Lumia 1020 is vibrant, boxy, and minimalist with a punch. The iPhone 5S is smooth, premium in look and feel, and designed to be as light and unobtrusive as possible. Weight and Thickness The Lumia 1020 is 14.5 millimeters thick at its widest point, and 5.6 ounces. The iPhone 5S is a consistant 7.6 milimeters thick, and 3.95 ounces. This is mostly due to … [Read more...]

5 Ads That Convince Us Microsoft Has No Clue What They’re Doing – Microsoft Worst Commercials

microsoft surface windows 8 appstorechronicle

Despite hiring political advertising superstar Mark Penn, Microsoft seems to have no clue how to advertise their own products. Here're three commercials that show this. These are certainly Microsoft's worst commercials Microsoft Loves The iPhone They say no press is bad press. This commercial for the new Lumia Windows 8 smartphone, seems more an ad for the iPhone, than for the Lumia. The Lumia gets a cursory nod by name at the end, but the iPhone plays a far greater role, and despite the narration, still seems to be the cooler phone.   Scroogled #1 Instead of emphasizing the … [Read more...]

Review: Windows 8 Kickstart, By James Howard Russell

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When Microsoft released Windows 8, a lot of users were left dazed and confused, (see video at bottom), and even I had some unanswered questions. Windows 8 is designed (and confusingly so) to frustrate. Still, once you master all of its nuances, it's got some incredible features that make it worth the hassle (maybe). For new users of Windows 8 looking for guidance, I highly recommend James Howard Russell's new book, Windows 8 Kickstart, which provides fantastic instructions on getting to know the OS, while also offering helpful tips and tricks for more experienced users. One of the … [Read more...]