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Microsoft Band wearable - Microsoft turnaround

Microsoft’s Steady Comeback Has Begun

Microsoft was in bad shape when CEO Steve Ballmer left this year. It was very fiscally healthy, but it had failed twice in two years to release a successful tablet despite billions spent on marketing. Microsoft’s Windows phones picked up only a fraction of the global smartphone market. Microsoft’s most lucrative products, the  Office Suite and Windows, faced steep competition from Google’s own offerings. Over the past decade, Microsoft...

modern family windows product placement

Modern Family And Microsoft Go a bit Wild with the Product Placement

Microsoft must have paid Modern Family a lot of money for the rights to product placement, because in one screenshot, I found eight products placed, from a Windows tablet, to a Surface-like tablet, to Windows laptops. Seriously, it’s a barrage of Windows Products. It’s the best marketing I’ve seen from Microsoft in recent years. Especially compared to their awful TV ads. Check it out...

microsoft surface windows 8 appstorechronicle

5 Ads That Convince Us Microsoft Has No Clue What They’re Doing – Microsoft Worst Commercials

Despite hiring political advertising superstar Mark Penn, Microsoft seems to have no clue how to advertise their own products. Here’re three commercials that show this. These are certainly Microsoft’s worst commercials Microsoft Loves The iPhone They say no press is bad press. This commercial for the new Lumia Windows 8 smartphone, seems more an ad for the iPhone, than for the Lumia. The Lumia...

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