Fast Fig: Startup of the Month

This month's featured startup has an idea that I'm surprised we haven't seen executed until now. The company is fast fig, and the product is a cloud-based math word processor. They've basically applied the Google docs model to math, making typing equations as simple as writing a sentence, and making math available anywhere. Problems and equations automatically format, and literally solve themselves as you type, serving as a handy tool for checking work. In its' current state, applications are limited to math tests, problems, and other educational uses,  but I see a lot of potential in … [Read more...]

Two Fascinating Technology Bloggers You May Not Know

Most of the time we try to keep people in-house, and on this site, but occasionally we have to share some of the other fantastic bloggers out there that you may be missing. These two guys are both experts, successful in the world of technology, and offer fantastic perspective on a variety of tech topics.   Minimally Minimal by Andrew Kim. Andrew Kim is a professional designer who has worked at various companies including Google, and Cisco. His design reimagination of Microsoft, conceived on his blog, was so good that they went out and hired him to join their design team. He's a … [Read more...]

Boomtrain – Startup of the Month

Boomtrain videos online

  There are so many great startups out there that don't get nearly the attention they deserve, because they simply don't fit into my publishing schedule. I'm changing that, starting this month with our first ever Featured Startup of the month. My video life is divided. I've got TV for news and organization, Hulu and Netflix for shows, and Youtube for short quick random videos. There's so much great free content on Youtube, but it's too much of a pain to find in the long term. Thankfully, a new startup has come along to try and master the show model for Youtube. I recently … [Read more...]

34 Blogging and Webmaster Resources

There are a ton of startups out there to help you with your business, or blog. Here's a giant list of services that may interest you. Aweber: Popular Email marketing Solution Mailchimp: Also popular Email Marketing Solution- generous free plan Mixrank: "Spy" on your competitor's marketing with this cool analytical app. Google Analytics: Professional Site Metrics program. completely free Lighthouse: issue tracking software Launchrock: Awesome launchpage maker. Qualaroo: Behavior analysis+AB testing= Psychological insane awesomeness. Optimizely: A,B testing service. Pingdom: … [Read more...]