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a homemade toaster on the shelf next to consumer toasters

How To Build A Toaster In Under Six Months

This is the incredible tale of how one man built a toaster, from all-natural materials, in just six months If humanity stopped, and you were one of the last people on earth, could you rebuild society? Despite all of the technology that we’ve developed throughout history, no individuals possess enough knowledge to rebuild things like radios, and computers, and even toasters from nature, if...

Elon Musk takes ALS ice bucket challenge

Elon Musk Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Elon Musk took the ice bucket challenge after being nominated by Bill Gates, who was nominated by Mark Zuckerberg. He did build a custom contraption to dump water on his head, but it didn’t rival Gates’s welded masterpiece. Still, the video was very cute, with Elon’s five young sons dumping water on him by pulling strings to release colorful elevated buckets from a tree....

The custom rig bill gates built for the ice bucket challenge

Video: Bill Gates Wins At The Ice Bucket Challenge

I didn’t think it was possible to win the ice bucket challenge, but Bill Gates did. First of all, he was nominated by Mark Zuckerberg, and nominated Elon Musk. Then, his video was outright cinematic (see below). Seriously, it was more of a short film than a video. Thirdly, he designed and built a custom rig to dump ice water on himself, and he...