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personal helicopter

Arriving Soon: Your Personal Helicopter

Flying cars. They never really took off, despite dozens of attempts. Still, the concept is really appealing. Could we build a vehicle that can bypass the busy roads, and fly us directly to our destination? I believe that by 2030 (probably earlier), there will such a product, but it won’t look like every other attempt over the past 60 years. Here’s why, and how we’ll...

Google's self-driving car

Living With a Self-driving Car [Video]

What’s it like to carry out your life in a self-driving car? A Google video crew rode along with one of Google’s early testers, to document what it’s like. Watch a Google employee get groceries, and more (it’s more interesting than you think). Also about [secret] Google Technology Learn about Project Loon (Videos). Learn about Google’s ambitious effort to blanket the world in Wifi....

2014 KPCB Internet Trends Report

WATCH: How Technology Will Change in 2014/2015

Every year, KPCB’s Mary Meeker puts on a presentation on the year’s internet trends. These reports are incredibly detailed, and show general trends like usage, as well as specific trends (like disappearing photos ala Snapchat).  The 2014 report was just recently released, and Meeker presented it at the 2014 code conference. Enjoy the video, and if you’d like, thumb through the presentation slides, which...

Watch: Sprint Chairman’s Hilarious Rant on America [ Video]"> graph of slow us broadband speeds vs rest of the world

Watch: Sprint Chairman’s Hilarious Rant on America [ Video]


Watch: Sprint Chairman’s Hilarious Rant on America [ Video]

I consider the US to be an advanced nation. We gave birth to Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, and Uber. So why is our internet so damn slow, and so damn expensive? In terms of internet speeds, we’re barely beating the Philippines! Check out one of the funniest men in tech, Masa Son, chairman of sprint, and CEO of Softbank (worth $18 billion by the...