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Nick Offerman Wooden Emojis video conan

Nick Offerman’s Hand-crafted Emojis Will Make Your Day

Nick Offerman is famous for his portrayal of the manly Ron Swanson on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”, but he’s also an incredible wood-worker. He used his wood-working skills to produce this ridiculous infomercial for Conan O’Brien, featuring real, hand-crafted emojis. The emojis are made of solid wood, weigh several pounds each, and cost $30 a piece. It is a great reminder of how little...

useless machines ted talk

Some Call It Pointless. He Calls It Art.

Bryan Cera’s is proud to build useless machines. Cera is the man behind ARAI the procrastinating robot, a scream-controlled game of pong, and a cell-phone that requires the sacrifice of your hand. Cera gave this inspiring TEDx talk on his work at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee earlier this month. Share Brian’s Story: “I found it interesting that by making this robot more like a human...

bowling ball feather experiment video slow motion

This Awe-Inspiring Physics Experiment is 100% For Real

How do you create the world’s most compelling physics demo? Start with the world’s largest vacuum chamber. Take a famous theoretical problem, and reenact it in a grand fashion, and do it all in slow-motion HD. That’s exactly what the BBC did to the classic gravitational case of the bowling ball, and the feathers in free fall. When you drop a bowling ball, and a...

project ARA connectors prototype

Behinds the Scenes| Engineering Project ARA

Project ARA, Google’s modular smartphone, is finally coming into form. The folks from Phonebloks released a cool behind-the-scenes video that showcases how much progress has been made.. The Phonebloks crew went up to NK labs (hired by Google to develop ARA) near Boston to shoot this. Ara’s Lego-like modular connector system is really coming along too. In just a few months, Google will unveil the second major iteration...

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