Unexpected By Design Part 2: Steve Jobs and the iPod

Yesterday we showed you how differently the founders of Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and others envisioned their websites being used. Well here's another example of what I'm beginning to call "the founder's phenomina". When Steve Jobs first got onto the stage of Walt Mossberg's first annual D Tech conference in 2003, he was fresh off of the success of the iPod and the redesigned iMac. Mossberg (who we interviewed here) asked him why the iPod couldn't have Wifi, and why we couldn't purchase music directly on it. Jobs went on to tell Mossberg that the iPod was meant as a satellite device to … [Read more...]

Happy New Years- Our Tech Predictions for 2013 are HERE!

Happy 2013! All of the horrible stuff that happened in 2012 is behind us, the world is still here, and we're going to see some great tech in 2013. We wrote about what we expected  for 2013 over the summer, but I'll sum up the basics below, and then leave the links below to the full posts.   Classrooms to the Cloud- Education Goes Digital. Apple Takes over Television- Apple will release their second attempt at a TV/ Mac. (Here's their first attempt at a TV). Smartphones get thinner and faster High Definition Screens on laptops grow in popularity Wifi (nearly) … [Read more...]

An Interview With Technology’s “Kingmaker”- Walter Mossberg

Technology moves so fast, and no one has done a better job of explaining every new technology to consumers than Walter Mossberg, founder of the popular technology blog AllthingsD, and creator of the personal technology column in The Wall Street Journal. Mossberg has interviewed everyone from Bill Gates, to Mark Zuckerberg, to Steve Jobs. Mossberg's writing has brought him numerous awards and given him a reputation as one of the most influential people in technology today. We spoke with Walt on how he got his start, his beliefs on what make a company great, and his predictions for the future. … [Read more...]

Tim Cook Unveils Future in First TV Interview (With Video)

In a fantastic interview with NBC's Brian Williams (one of my favorite reporters, and someone whom I have spoke with personally) Tim Cook spoke about the future of Apple, and his, and Apple's philosophy. Fun fact: According to Brian, Cook has been CEO for the introduction of three iPads, two iPhones, and three macs. That shocked me. Cook also spoke about his love of the '60s animated Sitcom, the Jetsons from which much of our current technology was inspired by. If you remember back, I wrote here about my trip to the pharmacy, and how I realized how much of a Jetson-esque future we were living … [Read more...]