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How MTV Managed To Do What Decades of Sex-Ed Teachers Could Not

Should schools replace sex education/health with MTV? Normally, I’d consider this question insane, but after a recent study by the Brookings Institute, I’m not so sure. That study found that MTV’s “Teen Mom”, and “16 And Pregnant” caused a 5.7% drop in the total US teen pregnancy rate. The Brookings Institute made an awesome video to explain how this is possible. MTV managed to...

2014 KPCB Internet Trends Report

WATCH: How Technology Will Change in 2014/2015

Every year, KPCB’s Mary Meeker puts on a presentation on the year’s internet trends. These reports are incredibly detailed, and show general trends like usage, as well as specific trends (like disappearing photos ala Snapchat).  The 2014 report was just recently released, and Meeker presented it at the 2014 code conference. Enjoy the video, and if you’d like, thumb through the presentation slides, which...

Unexpected By Design Part 2: Steve Jobs and the iPod

Yesterday we showed you how differently the founders of Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and others envisioned their websites being used. Well here’s another example of what I’m beginning to call “the founder’s phenomina”. When Steve Jobs first got onto the stage of Walt Mossberg’s first annual D Tech conference in 2003, he was fresh off of the success of the iPod and the redesigned iMac....

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