How To Set Up A Wifi Hotspot on Your iPhone or iPad in 3 Minutes

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This update is current as of March 2014. This article was originally published on December 3rd 2011. OS: iOS 7 Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini Do you need WiFi for your laptop in the middle of nowhere? Would you rather pay $20 a month for Wifi, rather than $30 an hour? If the answer is yes, read on. Activating the WiFi hotspot feature on an iPhone or iPad is actually quite easy once it's set up. Note that it doesn't work on phones before the iPhone 4, or the original iPad. Step 1: The right data plan To set up your hotspot, you're first going to need the right data plan. This … [Read more...]

A Good Reason To Use Siri: She’s 2x Faster than You.

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“Why should I use Siri?” – People ask me this question on a daily basis, and I always go on and on about how much time Siri saves, but where's the proof? Where's the evidence that Siri can save you days of your life? The proof is right here, in our (semi)scientific tests. Just how much time can you really save? If you texted as many times as the average teen per week, and your texts average around 12 words, you can save up to two hours and 20 minutes a week, just by texting with siri. That’s nearly 5 days of your life every year, for you to find something else to do. The Experiments We … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Scammed On Cables, and Gadget Gear – Weekly Deal Tips

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A lot of companies (looking at you Radioshack) like raking in massive profits by selling really over-priced, high margin items like HMDI cables, and camera cases, at absurd prices. Seriously, I don’t recommend shopping at Radioshack, CVS, Walgreens, or even Walmart, unless you need something in a rash. You could literally buy overnight shipping on many of the items you’re going to buy, and still save money over the big box stores. In this post, I'm going to teach you how not to get scammed/bamboozled/swindled/cheated. I won’t stand by while my readers getting scammed! Since you’re kind … [Read more...]

Mac Battery Problems? Solve them Here

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So your mac's battery is broken? Is it not charging? Is it draining too quickly? Does it have a "service battery" message? Let me help you solve all your mac battery problems with these few key battery tips. What You need: "Battery Health" App from the Mac app store a Mac hands Here's a quick tip before I get into the real diagnostics. If you have the ambiguous "service battery" message,  try a PRAM reset (which can be found in the linked article) before you go through the trouble of bringing it in. Determining the Problem with our app Download a free app from the app store … [Read more...]