Is this the world’s coolest desk?

This may just be the coolest desk in the world. The Stir Kinetic desk is more than just a desk. It's got built-in discrete outlets, built-in touch controls, and a cool modern design, but that's not what makes this desk awesome. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you know of a cooler desk, I'd really like to see it. Post a link to it in the comments. How cool is your desk? What makes the Stir awesome is that it makes you healthier. The Stir moves up or down hydraulically, offering both a standing desk, a sitting desk, and everything in between. A touch tablet built into the desk allows manual … [Read more...]

Makerbot’s New Device Makes Cloning Instantaneous

A scanned and replicated lighthouse Courtesy: Makerbot

We're officially living in the Jetson's/Jimmy Neutron world. Makerbot unveiled today a device called the "digitizer" which makes replicating any object as simple as  putting it on the platform, pressing a button, and sending it to the printer. If you enjoy this article (which you will), subscribe to our free newsletter (form on the right), and stay current on the coolest, latest technology. The technology behind the digitizer isn't new; For decades, auto manufacturers have been using similar machines, some of which can scan and print metal, with accuracy to the Micron. We've even covered a … [Read more...]

NFC: The Groundbreaking Technology Whose Ground Hasn’t Been Broken


It was supposed to be huge. NFC was hailed as a "holy grail" in a 2011 PC World article. Credit card companies, startups, technology companies, and smartphone manufacturers rushed to build technologies around it, but it fell (almost) flat. NFC - technology that allows for your smartphone to interact with everyday object wirelessly- was simply too confusing for new users. Apple was berated for not including it in the latest iphone, for the past two generations, but it seems that it may have been the right move. NFC simply wasn't ready for primetime. Will 2014 be the year that NFC becomes as … [Read more...]

Fast Fig: Startup of the Month

This month's featured startup has an idea that I'm surprised we haven't seen executed until now. The company is fast fig, and the product is a cloud-based math word processor. They've basically applied the Google docs model to math, making typing equations as simple as writing a sentence, and making math available anywhere. Problems and equations automatically format, and literally solve themselves as you type, serving as a handy tool for checking work. In its' current state, applications are limited to math tests, problems, and other educational uses,  but I see a lot of potential in … [Read more...]