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Test yourself: Are you sleep-deprived?

We live in a 24 hour world. Work just can’t wait, and it may be leaving you dangerously lacking in sleep. Sleep makes you more alert and intelligent. Sleep has also been found to prevent diabetes, heart disease, and other nasty illnesses.  This video has been designed to tell you whether you’re sleep deprived. Take this test, to see if you’re dangerously low on sleep....

Is this the world’s coolest desk?

This may just be the coolest desk in the world. The Stir Kinetic desk is more than just a desk. It’s got built-in discrete outlets, built-in touch controls, and a cool modern design, but that’s not what makes this desk awesome. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you know of a cooler desk, I’d really like to see it. Post a link to it in the comments. How...

Makerbot’s New Device Makes Cloning Instantaneous

We’re officially living in the Jetson’s/Jimmy Neutron world. Makerbot unveiled today a device called the “digitizer” which makes replicating any object as simple as  putting it on the platform, pressing a button, and sending it to the printer. If you enjoy this article (which you will), subscribe to our free newsletter (form on the right), and stay current on the coolest, latest technology. The technology...

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