Should Crazy Be In Our Vocabulary?

You may have noticed my unusual absence. I did too. I got caught up in other projects, and couldn't get back into things. Well, here I am, back to write every day, and I couldn't have come back at a better time. Tomorrow we see the latest iPads, Macbook Pros, and (maybe) even an iWatch! We also get a peak at Nokia's newest Windows phones, and with that, we see into the future of Microsoft as a whole. Today I'm going to write the first in a (hopefully) continuing series of feature pieces. These new pieces won't necessarily be focussed on a recently released product, but will instead focus on … [Read more...]

Apple Co-founder “Steve [Jobs] Didn’t Have To Be So Much of a Bastard (video)

Usually Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak has only good things to say about Steve Jobs, but in this in video he  leaks some of his true feelings and tensions on the deceased Apple cofounder. Towards the end, when asked about the departure of Apple's Scott Forestall, he says "I don't believe Steve had to be as much of a rugged bastard, putting people down and making them feel demeaned". This is a very interesting admission, confirming the comments of many past employees of Jobs.  Now if only you could present like steve jobs? … [Read more...]

1997 Steve Jobs Had Working Cloud Built 22 Years Before iCloud, Describes Chromebooks

Don't you dare say cloud computing is the future. It's just now coming into the mainstream, but Steve Jobs has had a cloud computing system since 1989 when he worked at NEXT. WATCH! In the video below, Steve Jobs talks first about his cloud computing system he'd built which automatically backed everything up to the servers around the world that we now know as the cloud, and loaded those files onto his computers at Pixar, Apple, home (iHome?), and NEXT. He talks about never losing a file, always having a backup, and having synchronized autosaved copies. In 2011, 14 years later, Apple would … [Read more...]

How Macs are Made [Video Factory Tour]

There once was a time when the Macintosh was manufactured in the USA, in Fremont, California. At the time, Apple was a more transparent company, and they made a video showcasing the process by which the mac was made and tested in that factory. This factory was Steve Jobs's pride and joy. He built it from the ground up to look good, instead of just working efficiently. Notice the robots, and floor tiles, both personal touches of Jobs. That factory is long gone, replaced by secure Asian facilities, but the video is still here, and it's fascinating if you'd like to watch it … [Read more...]