Facebook Engineer Mocks Princeton Study

air over time graph google trends

Recently, Princeton published a controversial study claiming the imminent demise of Facebook. In response, Mike Devlin, a Princeton data scientist, wrote a scathing and sarcastic criticism of Princeton's research methods. Rather than address the Princeton study directly, Devlin applied the Princeton logic to Princeton's own Google trends data (the data they used to predict facebook engagement), and predicted mockingly "Princeton will have only half its current enrollment by 2018, and by 2021 it will have no students at all". From here, Devlin's satire only gets more creative. Next, … [Read more...]

Watch Popular Google Searches in Real-Time: How To

google hot search results trends display

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for the world's biggest search engine? With 5 Billion (with a B) searches per day, Google is the best indicator out there of what's hot. One google product makes it easy to watch Google's most popular searches in real time. Whether you work in social media and need to keep up on the latest trends, or you just want a live wall of searches in your office for fun (Why? Because it's awesome), Google's hot trends tool makes it easy. *Since you'll find this article useful, sign up for our email newsletter, to find even more fascinating articles, … [Read more...]

This is What 1 Billion Friends Looks Like On a Map [Photo]

A map of facebook connections wordwide

Have you ever wondered what billions of connections, mapped out looks like. Mark Zuckerberg today released a map of the world, represented in friend connections on Facebook. The more friends you have in your area, the darker it is. The map also links each friend, creating an almost-magical view of the world. A few Things To Notice First of all, this map makes clear just how far we have to come in making the world smaller. Most connections are clearly within the same country, and even the same region. Will this map change as we become a (excuse the oxymoron) more global earth? Secondly, … [Read more...]

What if Facebook Updates were Reality? [Video]

Facebook Updates are a pain, we get it. No need to incessantly write a status update complaining each time it changes, which is seemingly every week. Only weeks after the first 2013 facebook update, an updated profile/timeline, facebook is working on rolling out their recently announced new layout, one based on a more modern design and with a greater focus on search. But one brilliant facebooker/filmmaker, also behind this brilliant video on honest cable companies, decided for his latest video to imagine what life would be like if run by Facebook. What would happen if our lives relied upon … [Read more...]