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One Man’s Journey To Post One Thing On Ello

This is a  slightly dramatized account of my efforts to post on Ello – the newly popular social network. Part of the confusion that ensued no-doubt occurred from my desire to learn the purpose of every meaningless icon. There are two tasks that should be incredibly easy on a social network – posting, and seeing the posts of others. On Ello, that first one is exceedingly difficult....

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OSX Yosemite: First Look and Impressions

Yesterday Apple unveiled OSX Yosemite, and it made some goods, some bad, and some ugly changes you should know about. It won’t be available to the general public until the fall, and it’s in beta, so changes will be made, but you probably still want to hear my first impressions after day one. Design choices OSX 10.10 got a design overhaul by Jony Ive, Apple’s...

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Decibullz Contour: A Perfect Fit, But Imperfect Sound

This is my review of the Decibullz Countour headphones, one of our first startups of the month. I paid $40 for these on Kickstarter, but now they’ll set you back $60. Ordering them In late November of 2013, I came across a cool Kickstarter project that offered custom-fit headphones for $40. I was so thrilled that I named it December’s startup of the month. I...

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