This Potty-trainer toilet Has A Built-in iPad

the ipotty - a potty training toilet with a built-in ipad stand

I'm a believer in the smart home. The web can definitely make household items much better. But is this potty trainer a bit overkill? Is this the message we should be sending our kids, and is it safe? CTA's digital 2-in-1 iPotty encourages the habit that we all  do discreetly...taking our phones/tablets into the bathroom. It's supposed to allow potty-training children to do some activities while they wait and learn. Those dual purposes just don't seem symbiotic though. The smartphone screen is already one of the dirtiest surfaces on earth (at least until smartphone makers install … [Read more...]

Dining Zen: 8 Awesome Restaurant Apps

This is Groupon Reserve, one of the best apps for finding good food near you

Going out to dinner is great. The food is good, the ambiance is good, and there’s no cleanup. The painful part of eating out is finding restaurants with good food at a fair price. Luckily, technology has revolutionized how we eat, and has made bad meals a rarity. Here are 8 apps that make finding good restaurants, and deals a breeze. Groupon Reserve (formerly Savored): Living in the city is both a dining blessing, and a dining curse. The food tends to be better, but it also tends to be pricier. Groupon’s new high-end deal service, Groupon Reserve, takes care of that. With Reserve, … [Read more...]

Google Chromecast Review And Field Test

chromecast chrome

Google’s Chromecast has taught manufacturers a hard lesson: People aren’t yet ready to replace TV. They’re looking for a device to augment it, and they’re looking for a device that doesn’t cost them a fortune - I have to say that Google's Chromecast does a fantastic job of this, although it has a few bugs to be worked out. Note: I apologize (or do I) for this review being so late. I've had my Chromecast for months, so consider this the most experienced review on the web. Google Chromecast is the entertainment device of your dreams... if you’ve been dreaming of a simple, web enabled TV at an … [Read more...]

Review: Oyster – the Netflix of books

Recently I reached out to a young company called Oyster, about demoing their new service. Their website boldly claims “Read unlimited books. Just $9.95 a month”, so being a reader, I was naturally excited about the prospects of not having to pay $10 a month to read a couple of books. Unfortunately Oyster faces the same flaw that every content-driven startup faces. They can’t afford the rights to the best books. Still, this flaw is not fatal, and redeeming qualities I'll describe below make Oyster an excellent service for many avid readers. The app itself (available for iPad, iPhone, … [Read more...]