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Spotted in China: OSX Sea Lion

It started as a joke. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, long pressed as to what Apple would name its operating system when it ran out of cats (i.e Lion, Leopard), joked at a 2013 keynote that Apple’s latest Mac operating system would be named Sea Lion. In reality, the new operating system is called Mavericks (after the famous California surf spot). The joke was lost...


See inside Beijing’s Giant Apple Store(Photos)

A decade ago, Apple’s brand was limited mostly to the USA, with some limited penetration in Europe and Asia. Now, only a short time later, they’ve built an incredible worldwide empire of stores, one of which I visited today. The Beijing Apple Store is massive, with a multistory glass storefront right in the heart of Beijing’s more upscale commercial district. Just down the street,...

New Google Maps Beta Photo Tour

  This is our new Google maps features photo tour (2013). We were invited to preview and test Google’s new maps beta interface yesterday, and we went through and created a whole photo tour, talking about what we liked, and what we didn’t. The full review is coming soon, but for now, enjoy the photo gallery of Google Maps 2013. Below is the text...


How To Make Realistic Ghost Photos With No Special Effects Skills- Tutorial

Who here has watched one of those ghost hunting shows? Come on, and admit it Mr.science. You like watching them flaunt their cool gadgets to prove mythical creatures. And how about those creepy pictures in the dark where they’re walking through furniture? Want to know how to do that? I’ll teach you how to do that with only a camera and yourself. SCARE YOUR...

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