Apple iPhone Event 2013 – Live Notes and Details

These are lives Notes on Apple's 2013 iPhone event. They will be updated and filled in as information becomes available. Talking Points: iTunes Festival - Music festival online Apple Store Update: 700 millionth iOS device next month iOS 7 and Siri: Presented by: Craig Federighi Parralax Effect (3D springboard) Can figure out commute time based on traffic Pulldown universal search Tabs in Safarai Siri can now be male or female - can also read tweets Remastered alerts sounds iOS built-in live camera … [Read more...]

Apple Releases Badass Mac Pro Cinema Trailer [Video]

In their usual grandiose fashion, Apple released a movie-like trailer for the new Mac Pro. Using "James Bond"-esque music, fast moving camera pans to show the beautifully sharp curves, and other cinematic techniques, Apple drummed up excitement. In the end, the Mac Pro transforms into fire, then earth, showing its magnitude. This ad is different from past mac ads, usually shot on white backgrounds, and showing actual features, but this ad did drum up excitement in the traditional way, with a very succinct description. "The future of the pro desktop. Coming this … [Read more...]

Spotted in China: OSX Sea Lion

china mac osx sea lion

It started as a joke. Apple's CEO Tim Cook, long pressed as to what Apple would name its operating system when it ran out of cats (i.e Lion, Leopard), joked at a 2013 keynote that Apple's latest Mac operating system would be named Sea Lion. In reality, the new operating system is called Mavericks (after the famous California surf spot). The joke was lost in translation, and one forger took it too far: While browsing a selection of fake iPhones, colored "apple" Earpods, and other forged products, I actually came across Mac OSX Sea Lion, packaged and ready for purchase. I didn't dare find … [Read more...]

How To Quickly and Cheaply Run Windows on a Mac

Like many professionals, I need to run some Windows-only software, but my main computer is a mac. After a few hours, I had Windows apps running alongside my mac apps, and I did it all for under $100 (about $60 for me personally). Here's how we ran Windows quickly and cheaply on a Mac, using Parallels Desktop 8. What You'll Need: A Mac Parallels Desktop 8 A discount code for Parallels Desktop 8- we'll explain later An old PC- can be from as early as 2001 Recommended: External Hard Drive, or flash drive of over 25 Gigabytes- best if formatted in format that PCs can understand, … [Read more...]