Why Would Anybody Need The NEST Protect? And is it safe?


NEST, famous for their smart thermostats (of which I have two) today  unveiled a reimagined, web-enabled smoke alarm, and while it’s certainly cool-looking, it left me wondering, “What’s the point?” Why would anyone need a $130 smoke detector (link to where it’s sold)? Is it really worth it? And remember, this is coming from the guy with the health-tracking wristband, iPhone cleaning tie, and iPhone-charging backpack. The Value in NEST, and Why It Doesn’t Apply to the Protect Has the time finally come where our phones will be the first to tell us our house is on fire? Heating, air … [Read more...]

Dear Blackberry: Don’t Be Stupid

Periodically I will write open letters to tech companies, usually chastising them for interface, or some form of glitch. Now I write to Blackberry to chastise them for a marketing mistake, which really could be corrected. Now, here's my letter: Dear Blackberry, Rumor has it you're releasing BBM for iPhone and Android on September 20th. You know what else is being released on September 20th? The iPhone 5S. Let me know if you see the problem yet. I get the whole "it's hard to compete in hardware" thing, and that you're selling assets and becoming a software company in some sense, but … [Read more...]

How the BitCoin Crash is the Opposite of Modern?

Today's post is written by guest author, Simon Burns. Over the course of the 1630’s, tulips grew in value for no apparent reason. The resulting “tulipmania” built prices up to 10 times the salary of a skilled worker or several thousand times their original trading price. This exponential run was much more to do with the perceived investment value of tulips than the market economy’s demand for the plant. Following a meteoric rise in prices, the price came crashing down in 1637 evaporating personal fortunes of many. In the last few months, Bitcoin (the virtual currency) has seen a similar … [Read more...]

Did Netflix Invent the Binge?

No. As frequently as its' claimed (shout out to you- Wired Magazine) Netflix far from invented the tv-binge where an entire series is watched straight through. Bingewatching has been happening ever since the first series appeared on VHS and other tape formats(if you don't know what that is- ask your parents). I've talked to several people who told me they binged through series on DVD while in college. What Netflix did was innovate. They took an existing process, and made it much easier. Instead of having to buy or rent the series, you can stream it to your computer in seconds. It's … [Read more...]