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Why I’m Thankful To Google (And Why You Should Be Too)

I could write an article about why I’m thankful for Google’s products, but I’m not going to. No. What I’m thankful for, is what Google is doing for millions of people who will probably never be paying customers. A quick preview of why I’m thankful: Bringing information to oppressed peoples Saving children from slavery and Ebola Bringing better tools to the sick and needy...

Why the Beats Acquisition is Uncharted Territory For Apple"> Dr.-Dre

Why the Beats Acquisition is Uncharted Territory For Apple


Why the Beats Acquisition is Uncharted Territory For Apple

Today, Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion. When I first heard the rumors, I didn’t believe it. The deal didn’t seem to make sense, until you really dug into the core of this complex transaction, and all the value that Beats provides. Let me explain what’s so fascinating about this deal… What’s so different about this acquisition? The Beats acquisition represents entirely new ground...

Why Would Anybody Need The NEST Protect? And is it safe?

NEST, famous for their smart thermostats (of which I have two) today  unveiled a reimagined, web-enabled smoke alarm, and while it’s certainly cool-looking, it left me wondering, “What’s the point?” Why would anyone need a $130 smoke detector (link to where it’s sold)? Is it really worth it? And remember, this is coming from the guy with the health-tracking wristband, iPhone cleaning tie, and...

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