A Devilish Twist on 2048

open-source version of 2048 and 1024 is 16384

Well, you thought 2048 was as hard, and addictive as puzzle games got. You haven’t yet come across 16384. 16384 is 2048, except the board is four times larger. I’m talking about 64 slots to worry about, and 64 slots that you have to fill to lose. It's a four-times bigger board, but whether it's four times as fun? That's up to you to decide. Play it here, or read on to learn about what's so great about 2048. Sign up for our newsletter to stay current on 2048, and other tech you don't want to miss 2048 - Proof-of-concept for open-source For most people, 2048 is simply a fun, addictive … [Read more...]

Breaking: App Store Chronicle To Only Cover North Korean Tech

Hey all, Over my years doing this, I’ve found that the technology news industry is unnecessarily saturated. There are too many people covering Apple and Samsung! That’s why today, we’re switching to a new niche. From now on, The App Store Chronicle will be exclusively covering North Korean technology. You may be wondering “Why”? Well, I’ll tell ya. North Korean tech is growing fast. By last year, they had successfully cloned Mac OSX for their own purposes, and this year, they released their first smartphone. It’s like covering Apple in 2007! There’s so much exciting technology coming out of … [Read more...]

Massive Bitcoin Exchanged Robbed and Destroyed – What Next?

mt.gox robbery victim proof

Today we learned that Mt.Gox, one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges in the world, has gone dark. Strong rumors support the idea that Mt.Gox was robbed of 744,000 customer Bitcoins, worth some $300 million, and worth nearly a billion dollars a few months ago. Mt.Gox users have taken to the web to bemoan their lost millions (people actually lost millions of dollars), but Mt.Gox is nearly silent. All that remains of the once-great exchange, is a short apology letter on their home page. So, what next? Is this Mt.Gox heist the end of Bitcoin? Well, it depends. Here's why I think Bitcoin is most … [Read more...]

Flappy Bird Developer Pulls Game Over Privacy Concerns – Is he the next Salinger?

About once a year, a game goes so viral, that everyone downloads it. First there was Angry Birds, then Words with Friends, and DrawSomething, and Candy Crush. Usually these games grow so popular that the developer tries to milk their success. Zynga went public after Words. DrawSomething sold themselves to Zynga. Candy Crush made millions of dollars in in-app purchases. Flappy Bird's creator, Dong Nguyen, is doing none of those things. He's removing his game from the app store, to prevent downloads. He's turning away from his $50,000 a day business, because he wants his privacy. I am sorry … [Read more...]