How To Install WordPress on a mac in 5 Clicks for free

Webmaster, bloggers, and designers often need to work on wordpress design on a test site before sending something over to a live site, but most solutions for getting wordpress installs onto a mac involve complex virtual servers, and manual uploading and setup. There's an easier way. Here's how to set up a fully manipulable test install of Wordpress on a mac in only five clicks.   Instructions for Installing Wordpress On Mountain Lion Open up the Mac App Store. Search for "BitNamiStackWordpress". Install the free app of the same name, and launch it. The app will do all the heavy lifting for … [Read more...]

Mac Battery Problems? Solve them Here

mac battery issue app

So your mac's battery is broken? Is it not charging? Is it draining too quickly? Does it have a "service battery" message? Let me help you solve all your mac battery problems with these few key battery tips. What You need: "Battery Health" App from the Mac app store a Mac hands Here's a quick tip before I get into the real diagnostics. If you have the ambiguous "service battery" message,  try a PRAM reset (which can be found in the linked article) before you go through the trouble of bringing it in. Determining the Problem with our app Download a free app from the app store … [Read more...]

Mailtab Pro for Gmail Review: Mac apps

mailtab pro menu bar

Apple's mail is sufficient for answering and reading emails, but it can be a bit annoying with popups, notifications, and the like. When I went looking for an alternative mac email client, I came across Mailtab Pro for Gmail for mac, available from the Mac app store for $2, and I was thrilled with its' simplicity and utility. Design Mailtab Pro for Gmail is a menu bar application. It really doesn't do much besides offering a convenient way to use Gmail, but it excels at that, and for only $2 it's well worth it. Good The best thing about Mailtab is its' convenience. It notifies of new … [Read more...]


Our giveaway ends in UNDER 48 hours. If you want free software, you better enter now! It's easy, and free to enter, and you'll thank me later for telling you to enter now. Trust me. Enter. *THE TEN BEST Bloggings Apps for Mac + READ WHY YOU MUST ENTER THE PHOTOBULK GIVEAWAY* Entry Deadline: 2/11/13 a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]