Apple Rumors 2013: What’s Coming?

There's a lot on the block for Apple least according to the rumor gods. So what can we expect? Here are nine things we expect out of Cupertino in 2013. Retina Macbook Air: Likelihood: 60-70%. Lately, Cupertino has been rapping everything in a retina display, their super-high-definition, high density displays. The full-sized iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Macbook Pro line all have retina displays. Until this year, the retina display was simply too expensive to implement in a cheaper (though not close to cheap) computer like the macbook Air. Now though, with new technology and … [Read more...]

Give Me 5 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Buy An iPad Mini!

I'm buying an iPad Mini and you CAN stop me. It's really against my better judgement to buy a device that will clearly be replaced soon, and that clearly is a bit underpowered...but I can't help myself. Can you reason with me? Both my trip to the 5th Avenue Apple Store (pictures below) and some interesting things I've read on the mini have convinced me that it's the right decision. Just like with family, you've got to love the mini for what it is, and not be bitter for what it's not. Why I Really Shouldn't Buy it I WRITE about technology for pete's sake. I really should know better. The … [Read more...]

What is the Real Cost of Your iPad? Calculate it Here

The list price may start at $329, but that's in no way the price. The actual costs to you for a tablet may be higher or lower than list price based on a few factors. Here's how to calculate the cost of your iPad. We created a simple checklist to calculate the exact cost to you. Add and subtract the below values to calculate the value of your iPad. Have you had an iOS device before? If you don't have apps, add $50 to your costs. This is a low standardized number, but it's a pretty good indicator. Add $10 if this is your first iPad for specialized iPad apps. Do you plan on selling it? How … [Read more...]

Big Phone Vs Small Phone? Why I Switched From the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note And Back

a comparison of the galaxy note, iphone 4, blackberry bold, and LG Chocolate

As Huawei unveiled the ginormous 6.1 inch Ascend Mate smartphone at CES last week, the debate over how big is too big raged on, and I decided to add my two cents as someone who has months of experience using a phablet, and years using an iPhone and smaller (think LG Chocolate). But... Check out the graphic we built on this before we get into it .                 Phone sizes vary more than teen jean sizes. I remember staring in wonder at the bricks we called phones a decade ago. I would sift endlessly through their contact … [Read more...]