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ios 8 health app

How iOS is 8 Better Than iOS 7

Today, Apple released iOS 8, and instead of simply recapping what changed, I’m going to go over where Apple improved the operating system. What They Were Working With Apple completely  overhauled iOS last year. This year, they simply added in a lot of little things, to make your iPhone or iPad more capable. Improvements to iOS in iOS 8: In-line responses You can now...

the ipotty - a potty training toilet with a built-in ipad stand

This Potty-trainer toilet Has A Built-in iPad

I’m a believer in the smart home. The web can definitely make household items much better. But is this potty trainer a bit overkill? Is this the message we should be sending our kids, and is it safe? CTA’s digital 2-in-1 iPotty encourages the habit that we all  do discreetly…taking our phones/tablets into the bathroom. It’s supposed to allow potty-training children to do some...

Big Things Coming From WWDC 2013

Big Things Coming From WWDC 2013

With a plummeting stock price, and an aging product line, now is the time for Apple to show the world why they’re still the most innovative company in the world, and evidence shows that they will. Here’s what we expect from 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), based on rumors, evidence, and data.   OSX 10.9: The latest Mac operating system will be full of...