Historical Perspective: How Far We’ve Come in 15 Years

Rocketbook e-reader 1999

Can you remember life 15 years ago? Odds are, if you've been alive that long, you remember life to be not much different than it is today. The two time periods may seem similar, but consider just how much technology has changed your life since 1999. Consider the impact of Wikipedia, and e-books, and the rest of the web on your access to information, and on your education. Consider the impact of email, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, on how you communicate with friends and family. Consider how much more entertained you are, having your phone, and the vast expanses of the web available to … [Read more...]

This Potty-trainer toilet Has A Built-in iPad

the ipotty - a potty training toilet with a built-in ipad stand

I'm a believer in the smart home. The web can definitely make household items much better. But is this potty trainer a bit overkill? Is this the message we should be sending our kids, and is it safe? CTA's digital 2-in-1 iPotty encourages the habit that we all  do discreetly...taking our phones/tablets into the bathroom. It's supposed to allow potty-training children to do some activities while they wait and learn. Those dual purposes just don't seem symbiotic though. The smartphone screen is already one of the dirtiest surfaces on earth (at least until smartphone makers install … [Read more...]

Big Things Coming From WWDC 2013

With a plummeting stock price, and an aging product line, now is the time for Apple to show the world why they're still the most innovative company in the world, and evidence shows that they will. Here's what we expect from 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), based on rumors, evidence, and data.   OSX 10.9: The latest Mac operating system will be full of enhancements. We'll likely see more apps built specifically to utilize the benefits of the retina display, and more integration with mobile. Itunes: There have been rumors circulating for quite a while of some form of iTunes service … [Read more...]

Can I get iMessage texts from my Iphone on Ipad Mini? Question of the Week

Question: Can I get iMessage texts from my Iphone on Ipad Mini? Answer: iMessages can be received on any device running iOS 6 or later. This includes just about every iPad except the original, and including the mini.  They can even be sent. Understand though, that all other text messages (from non-iPhones) cannot and will not be received on your iPad. For example: Billy is texting Jane, who is also talking to Marge.  Billy and Jane have iPhones, but Marge has a blackberry. Any texts from Marge to Jane will not sync to Jane's iPad, because they are not using the imessage service, but texts … [Read more...]