How To Fix An iPhone 5S Freeze Or Crash

Did your shiny new iPhone 5S Freeze or crash? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Due to the completely redesigned iOS 7, there are still some software bugs that may leave your phone frozen for extended periods. Here are the short-term and long-term un-freezing solutions.  In particular, I found that iOS 7’s mail app seemed to have a memory management issue that caused it to freeze. The Quick Un-freezing Fix What we’re going to do to fix your broken phone is called a “hard” reset. It doesn’t actually reset your phone’s software, or affect data. It just quickly quits out of any active … [Read more...]

iPhone 5S Hands On + First Impressions

iPhone 5S gold in my hand

After months of rumors, weeks of leaks, and days of post-release anticipation, I finally got my hands on a gold iPhone 5S for testing. After testing this phone for around 30 minutes, putting it through its paces, I’m confident that I’ve made the right choice, and I’m really impressed. Design The golden iPhone has been quite controversial (remember this parody?), so I was quite surprised to find that the gold was actually stunning. The gold isn’t dark, flashy, and shiny like bling. It’s a soft, light, matte gold that can very accurately be called “champagne”. The profile of the 5S is … [Read more...]

Why I’m Sticking With iOS and The iPhone 5S (And a note to Android users)


Recently, a lot of my Android friends have been hassling me over my decision to stick with iOS. Being the day that I ordered my iPhone 5S (64 GB in Space Grey), I thought now is the perfect time to explain why I’m sticking with the iPhone, and iOS 7. If you agree, or have something to say, share this post on a social network, or leave a comment, and put your thoughts within. I'll be reading. The Phone itself Does the iPhone have the best hardware? No. But it is, as WSJ’s Walt Mossberg (who we interviewed here) called it “the best smartphone on the market”, and as The New York Times’s … [Read more...]

7 Reasons To Upgrade To iOS 7 (and 7 Reasons Not To)

With the release of iOS 7, many are left wondering, more so than with any previous release, whether, or why they should upgrade to iOS 7. In an effort to convince myself, I’ve created a list of seven reason why I would, and 7 reasons why I would not recommend downloading iOS 7 on to your iOS device.  Please give this a share, a like, a tweet, or a “+1” if you found this helpful, so that others can receive that same help. 7 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To iOS 7 Greatly improved Multitasking: On the iPhone, and the iPad, multitasking has been made dramatically more efficient. For … [Read more...]