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Volume Buttons on the iPhone 5S Gold

How To Set Up A Wifi Hotspot on Your iPhone or iPad in 3 Minutes

This update is current as of March 2014. This article was originally published on December 3rd 2011. OS: iOS 7 Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini Do you need WiFi for your laptop in the middle of nowhere? Would you rather pay $20 a month for Wifi, rather than $30 an hour? If the answer is yes, read on. Activating the WiFi hotspot feature on...

Review: Windows 8 Kickstart, By James Howard Russell

When Microsoft released Windows 8, a lot of users were left dazed and confused, (see video at bottom), and even I had some unanswered questions. Windows 8 is designed (and confusingly so) to frustrate. Still, once you master all of its nuances, it’s got some incredible features that make it worth the hassle (maybe). For new users of Windows 8 looking for guidance, I...

10 Best Mac Blogging Apps

How To Blog From a Mac: 10 Crucial Mac Blogging Apps

Blogging is a blast, and Macs are my favorite computers, but it’s a challenge finding good blogging software to get my daily post done from. A few apps are absolutely critical to my blogging, and I think the’d be helpful to you too, so I wanted to share them with you. Also Read Our List of 34 Great Blogging Resources and Tools MarsEdit: MarsEdit isn’t...

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