[Quiz] Real Google Acquisition, or Fictional Company?


A lot of the companies that Google acquires sound a bit...fake. I mean, half of them sound like an evil corporation from a Marvel comic. But can you tell the difference between big, Google-acquired companies, and fictional companies from famous movies? That's the challenge in our new quiz. Give it a try with our new quiz. Sign up for our weekly newsletter, and more great quizzes … [Read more...]

Google’s Sexy Smart-watches Make Me Mad

moto 360 smart watch wearable

This week, Google released a new platform for smartwatches, and I am livid. No, I'm not upset at Google.  The new platform, known as Android Wear, looks to be the best system yet for smartwatches. The first devices announced on the platform, the Moto 360 (from Motorola), and the LG G, both look absolutely beautiful. No, what I'm upset about, is that I just got my first smartwatch this week, a Pebble ($150). It's a lot of fun, but it pails in comparison to Google's latest offering (of course, I'll have a full review here soon). No Longer Just a Trinket What I've found with my … [Read more...]

101 Uses For a Chromecast: Part Two

chromecast chrome

The list continues...   Why The List is Stuck at Just 15 When I originally devised the list, I assumed rollout of Chromecast apps would be very fast. That was the original plan. In reality, API and hacking troubles have delayed the Chromecast development process by months. The good news is that this list will soon grow dramatically, because Google has finally opened up the process more. The bad news, for now we're stuck at 15. This is the second of a multipart series showcasing 101 things to do with a chromecast. We tested the Chromecast for months to make sure it was … [Read more...]

Google Chromecast Review And Field Test

chromecast chrome

Google’s Chromecast has taught manufacturers a hard lesson: People aren’t yet ready to replace TV. They’re looking for a device to augment it, and they’re looking for a device that doesn’t cost them a fortune - I have to say that Google's Chromecast does a fantastic job of this, although it has a few bugs to be worked out. Note: I apologize (or do I) for this review being so late. I've had my Chromecast for months, so consider this the most experienced review on the web. Google Chromecast is the entertainment device of your dreams... if you’ve been dreaming of a simple, web enabled TV at an … [Read more...]