Flappy Bird Developer Pulls Game Over Privacy Concerns – Is he the next Salinger?

About once a year, a game goes so viral, that everyone downloads it. First there was Angry Birds, then Words with Friends, and DrawSomething, and Candy Crush. Usually these games grow so popular that the developer tries to milk their success. Zynga went public after Words. DrawSomething sold themselves to Zynga. Candy Crush made millions of dollars in in-app purchases. Flappy Bird's creator, Dong Nguyen, is doing none of those things. He's removing his game from the app store, to prevent downloads. He's turning away from his $50,000 a day business, because he wants his privacy. I am sorry … [Read more...]

Which Sims Game Should You Buy on iOS, iPhone, IPod, Etc.?

So you're trying to figure out which of the 7 Sims Brand games on the app store to buy huh? EA basically broke up two games (Sims 3, Sim City) into 7, which makes it really confusing to figure out which to buy. Let me make your decision easier by providing an unbiased summary of each one.   Sims 3: Have a job, and climb the corporate ladder by sleeping with your boss. Buy furniture. Go fishing. Have sex wahoo. Move in with another Sim, and grow richer and richer. It's a fun game for the basic Sims experience. I once found a cheat for this game (which is gone now) that made me … [Read more...]

Why Facebook Should Hire Teenage Girls

Facebook often seems to be playing catch-up. They released Poke, a video-communication app similar to Snapchat just days ago, and they payed nearly a billion dollars for popular Photo-Sharing app instagram. What do these apps have in common besides the use of the camera? A large portion of their original users were teenage girls. Their biggest partner, Zynga wasted hundreds of millions to buy DrawSomething- another application first populated by teenagers, and now they're about to go out of business. Any teen player of that game, regardless of gender could have told them that Drawsomething was … [Read more...]

There’s a Psychologist in your Mac- Mac Easter Eggs 2

I wrote yesterday about some easter eggs hidden deep within the mac, and today I'll write about some more great ones. Access your inner self- The Terminal Psychologist Terminal has a built-in 'Psychologist bot' that's very entertaining to play with. Here's how to access it. Open up Terminal from your utilities folder. Type in "emacs" Press ESC and X at the same time. You will see M-X appear in a type box. Type in "psychoanalyze-pinhead" Press enter to stop the scrolling. Answer the "doctor"'s questions as he digs deep into your psyche to examine. Get the Weather Report from Nowhere. Go … [Read more...]