Exclusive: Mark Cuban Talks Snapchat Acquisition Offer

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For reasons I’ll explain later, I found Snapchat’s actions this week unfathomable, so I went seeking advice from the most expert man out there on the subject of acquisitions: Mr. Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, Broadcast.com). I’m on a role with exclusives this week, although this one’s pretty succinct. As many of you may know, Mark Cuban’s fortune comes from a site called Broadcast.com (an internet radio pioneer), which he founded. Cuban orchestrated one of the most well-timed acquisitions in history, selling Broadcast.com to the then-massive Yahoo for $5.7 billion, right before the .com bubble … [Read more...]

Apple Destroys $15 million, 45 Employee Business

If ever there was a more obvious example of when a corporation has too much control, I can't think of one more than this. One low-level employee at Apple has put 45 lives and multiple millions of dollars at risk. In a post on the company's blog, appgratis CEO Simon Dawlat recounted the nightmare that his company experienced early this April. A few hours before starting to write this, I landed in São Paulo, Brazil on a visit to our local office here. I turned on my iPhone after an exhausting 12-hour redeye from Paris, only to receive notifications for over 75 missed calls, and a seemingly … [Read more...]

Breaking: Amazon Opens Affiliate/Associate Program Up To Connecticut Residents

Good news if you live in the state of Connecticut. The ban that's been in place on Connecticut Amazon affiliates has finally been lifted, and Amazon is now accepting CT-based associates. Other banned states (Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, or Rhode Island) are still closed to affiliates. So what changed? Amazon hasn't allowed affiliate from these states, because these states would consider these people Amazon employees, and tax Amazon as if they were located in the state. To avoid these taxes, Amazon has steered clear of CT (and the other listed states) for several … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Apple Reveals New Products Coming By June

In this week's earnings call on Q2 of 2013, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer explained his prediction of decreased margins by "a different product mix" in June, confirming multiple changes to Apple's existing line of hardware. Other hints were dropped by Apple's CEO Tim Cook on the call, who mentioned "new hardware and software services", "exciting new product categories"- maybe Television, and a lot more surprises through 2013, as Apple continues its' focus on the long term. Cook elaborated that he was "very excited...[about] these potential new categories". It's also going to be a nice … [Read more...]