Our New Slogan, and why we chose it

You might notice we have a new slogan in our header today. “Sharing technology. Informing the world”. This is our new beta slogan (as in, it's in testing). This slogan serves as our new public mission statement, and a statement of what we believe in. It’s what makes The App Store Chronicle, The App Store Chronicle, and it’s what sets us apart from other websites. We’re putting our mission to bring technological education to the world front and center, so we never forget what this whole site is about, and what we’re trying to achieve. Informing the World One particularly important thing to … [Read more...]

How To Install WordPress on a mac in 5 Clicks for free

Webmaster, bloggers, and designers often need to work on wordpress design on a test site before sending something over to a live site, but most solutions for getting wordpress installs onto a mac involve complex virtual servers, and manual uploading and setup. There's an easier way. Here's how to set up a fully manipulable test install of Wordpress on a mac in only five clicks.   Instructions for Installing Wordpress On Mountain Lion Open up the Mac App Store. Search for "BitNamiStackWordpress". Install the free app of the same name, and launch it. The app will do all the heavy lifting for … [Read more...]

Hostgator Wows Me

While the future of Hostgator and me is uncertain thanks to a block in place on a Wifi network I frequently use, which has been causing me trouble, I must say that their customer support is (mostly) fantastic, and that's the only thing that has kept me with them in these first few days and weeks. Support is a key factor when I buy hosting, because issues happen (to the tune of 1-2 a month on this site). Unless you're a maniac-smart tech genius, you're going to want good support too for your site. A lot of smaller companies don't offer phone support, and some don't even offer chat support. … [Read more...]

Two Fascinating Technology Bloggers You May Not Know

Most of the time we try to keep people in-house, and on this site, but occasionally we have to share some of the other fantastic bloggers out there that you may be missing. These two guys are both experts, successful in the world of technology, and offer fantastic perspective on a variety of tech topics.   Minimally Minimal by Andrew Kim. Andrew Kim is a professional designer who has worked at various companies including Google, and Cisco. His design reimagination of Microsoft, conceived on his blog, was so good that they went out and hired him to join their design team. He's a … [Read more...]