Google’s Sexy Smart-watches Make Me Mad

moto 360 smart watch wearable

This week, Google released a new platform for smartwatches, and I am livid. No, I'm not upset at Google.  The new platform, known as Android Wear, looks to be the best system yet for smartwatches. The first devices announced on the platform, the Moto 360 (from Motorola), and the LG G, both look absolutely beautiful. No, what I'm upset about, is that I just got my first smartwatch this week, a Pebble ($150). It's a lot of fun, but it pails in comparison to Google's latest offering (of course, I'll have a full review here soon). No Longer Just a Trinket What I've found with my … [Read more...]

What It’s Like To Wear Glass (the google kind)

google glass

I've always understood the concept of Google glass, but until I put them on this weekend, I couldn't fathom paying $1500 for something that will be obsolete next year. I finally understand Glass, and I'm going to do my best to help you do the same.   What's it like wearing Google Glass? From the outside it looks weird and bulky, but wearing Glass, it's no more intrusive than a pair of sunglasses. The only part of Glass that you see when wearing it is the display, and that's where it gets weird... Unlike a computer screen, or a smartphone screen, or any screen really, glass is … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Google Nexus 5 Rumor Roundup

nexus 5 leak roundup

Google’s Nexus 5 is officially the world’s worst kept secret. For literally months, we’ve been seeing leak after leak. We’re flooded with correct information. Here’s a roundup of the dozens of leaks we’ve seen so far. September Google released a video for the release of Android Kitkat which included a clip of an employee using the Nexus 5 for video. FCC-released documents revealed further specs on the display and battery, as well as pictures of Nexus 5 components. And ironically enough, a photo was leaked onto the Macrumors forum. October Italian tech site, tutto Android released … [Read more...]

Google Turns 15: Next Year They Can Google Drive (Birthday Reflection)

google's 15th birthday piñata game

Google has hit the big 1-5. Today, September 27th, is when Google traditionally celebrates its birthday, and we’re celebrating it right along with them, with a look back on year 14. These 15 things all happened within the last year. *Since you'll find this article useful, sign up for our email newsletter, to find even more fascinating articles, tips, tools, and reviews* Google Unveiled its helpout program: A marketplace for consulting of all kinds, from cooking to karate, via video chats/ hangouts. Google Unveiled Android’s latest iteration, Kit Kat, and partnered with Nestle … [Read more...]