Happy New Years- Our Tech Predictions for 2013 are HERE!

Happy 2013! All of the horrible stuff that happened in 2012 is behind us, the world is still here, and we're going to see some great tech in 2013. We wrote about what we expected  for 2013 over the summer, but I'll sum up the basics below, and then leave the links below to the full posts.   Classrooms to the Cloud- Education Goes Digital. Apple Takes over Television- Apple will release their second attempt at a TV/ Mac. (Here's their first attempt at a TV). Smartphones get thinner and faster High Definition Screens on laptops grow in popularity Wifi (nearly) … [Read more...]

I Could Talk About Technology But…

I could talk about technology as usual, but today I'm going to do something different. As we close the year, I want to highlight an organization that doesn't get enough credit. How many times have you been on Wikipedia this year? Dozens? Hundreds of times perhaps? Every poorly researched research paper, and verified scientific fact you get from them is  ad- free thanks to the Wikimedia Foundation,  thousands of donors who pay for it, and hundreds of thousands of volunteers who keep it accurate and spam-free though they're payed in nothing but gratitude. Even the founder and head of the … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Case Study: Price Above All

The new iPad Mini's high price has left questions of whether people will buy its' cheaper competitors instead, and while I can't answer those questions in the broadest sense yet of whether it will sell, I can relay one story of a consumer I spoke to. Yesterday I met a woman, in her early twenties, who was very techincally savvy. While you couldn't classify her as a nerd, she had a nice PC laptop, an iPhone, and an impressive selection of apps and games. For over a year she'd been eagerly awaiting the new iPad Mini. Last week the iPad Mini  was unveiled, and two days later this woman bought a … [Read more...]

Preparing for #Frankenstorm Nerd Style

A HUGE (by Northeast standards) storm is coming which will most likely know out power (and internet) for days to come, and I'm preparing for it in the most nerdy ways possible. I want to make sure I can access the web for videos, and netflix, when TV is out and my DVR is out of good material (using a generator to run the TV, assuming it works. I also want to make sure I can keep posting here, and that I can do other work. First, I'm charging everything. I'm fully charing my Retina Macbook Pro, my iPhone 4 which will also serve as my backup Wifi network (see how to set it up here), and the … [Read more...]