Have Snooki Tweet Your Business- For only $6000

Are you a big Jersey shore fan? Do you want to get your business in front of over five million young people? Guess what crazy folks who are actually considering this? You can. For the low low price of  $6,250 (wink). Here's how. It's all done through a site called Buysellads.com (click to see Snooki's profile) which sells sponsored tweets in addition to standard sponsor, CPC, CPM, and newsletter advertising. So will it pay off? Let's look at this using educated guesses. She has about 5.6 million followers. If 20% of them see the tweet and there's a 15% Click thru rate, that means that 3% … [Read more...]

Tales of Caring Sandy Hook Principal Who Lost Life Told Through Social Media

Today the Sandy Hook tragedy shocked the world just less than twenty miles from where I write this post, and we're starting to get a picture of some of the wonderful people whose lives were so tragically taken. One of those people was the Newtown Elementary School's principal Dawn Hochsprung, an active tweeter on education. Just look at what her tweets revealed about how much she cared. It's so sad. If you want to help the families, there are various local charities you can donate to which the Huffington Post wrote about earlier. To anyone who has any doubts about this woman's … [Read more...]

Mashable Incorporates Micro-sharing- Are we losing the patience to read a tweet?

With 1 billion people on Facebook, and hundreds of millions more on other social networks, sharing has become the most important focus for futuristic web design, and the new technology, called "microcontent" utilized in the new Mashable.com design released today is one awesome major example of what that focus has produced. Here's an example of microcontent in use. Say you're reading a list of the top ten funniest yo mamma jokes and you want to share your favorite with your mom. In the past you would share the whole article with all ten jokes, but with micro-sharing, you can easily share … [Read more...]