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Vid: “Teslas Will Be Self-Driving Next Year” Says Elon Musk

Self-driving cars are closer than we thought. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, some Tesla cars will be 90% autonomous by next year! Those are cars on the road, driven by consumers. Not just theoretical, experimental cars. For decades, self-driving cars were but a pipe-dream, professed by futurists as the answer to all of life’s problems. In modern times, Google and other companies have...

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One Man’s Journey To Post One Thing On Ello

This is a  slightly dramatized account of my efforts to post on Ello – the newly popular social network. Part of the confusion that ensued no-doubt occurred from my desire to learn the purpose of every meaningless icon. There are two tasks that should be incredibly easy on a social network – posting, and seeing the posts of others. On Ello, that first one is exceedingly difficult....

Q&A: Why did Apple honour Robin Williams on their site?

Q&A: Why did Apple honour Robin Williams on their site?

Apple recently honored Robin Williams on their website, to mourn the late actor’s death. Many asked why he, of all celebrity deaths, deserved one of the few memorial slots they dole out. I’ve discovered a few reasons that I hope will answer your question. Reason #1: Success as an actor I’ll start with the two obvious reasons, the first being his tremendous success as...

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