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I’m on Myspace (Again)

Deja vu. I logged into Myspace yesterday for the first time in seven years. But this isn’t standard myspace. This is the invite-only closed beta of “new myspace”. And it’s radically different. The new myspace is more of a music discovery and sharing service than

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Exclusive Review: New Myspace (2013)

Today I take on the challenge of reviewing a site long-irrelevantĀ and begging for a comeback. Myspace used to be on top of social media, and then they got downright creepy, lost to facebook, and hit rock bottom. Now myspace tries to reinvent themselves under the

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Myspace: How long till bankruptcy?

Myspace was the first into the frontier of successful social networking. From 2005-2008 they were the most visited site in the world. From 2004-2008 I had an account. Myspace wasn’t always just creeps and bad musicians.But Facebook kicked Myspace’s @$$ and now they are #1

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