Applecare Pays for itself Three Times Over

13 inch macbook pro with retina display

This month has been a horrible one for my mac. Both the logic board, and the battery failed, and my charger broke down as well. But thanks to Apple's fantastic extended warranty program - Applecare - my computer is better than ever, and it didn't cost me a cent. Here's the tale of my nightmare, and how Apple made it as painless as possible. I've had bad support experiences with other companies, one of which prompted me to reach out to, and work with that company's head of customer support, to avoid future similar situations, and Applecare really is unique in how they handle … [Read more...]

Will Apple Kill The Television this April? I certainly hope so

Apple iTV concept sketch

This April, Apple will reportedly release a killer new set-top box to replace the current Apple TV. Early reports suggest it may run "on top" of your current cable TV box, giving your TV a more functional interface, and offering access to services like Netflix directly on your TV. The fact is, Apple's new device may do much more than those initial reports suggest. I've spent the last several years covering technology trends on this blog and across the web, and my Apple predictions have been reasonably accurate, but take the following predictions with a grain of salt, because they're … [Read more...]

The Macintosh Is 30. Just how far have we come? (stat comparison)

Happy Birthday Mac! You've gotten old, but you look great. I'm normally not so candid with the elderly on their birthday, but I'd just like to reflect on how far you've come. By your first birthday, yes you were beautiful, but you were still very immature. Seeing you 30 years later, you've really grown. Let's take a look at exactly how much you've changed, my dear Mac. How Far Has The Mac Come? Your ancestor, the original Macintosh had 128k of RAM. Your relative the 2013 Mac Pro has 64 Gigabytes in the top model, aproximately 524,000 times as much RAM. Your ancestor had a nine inch … [Read more...]

The 2013 Mac Pro’s 1st Unboxing Video [Full]

The first new Mac Pros have finally made it off the line, and the first unboxing video (see: unboxing a calculator for more on this strange phenomenon) is officially up on Youtube. Why it's significant: Manufactured in the USA. Not unheard of amongst PC manufacturers, but unusual and welcome by most. Pros have been waiting for this for four years. The new Mac Pro is the first "true" Apple product of the post-Jobsian era, because it's the first product to significantly change the design of a product that Steve Jobs had launched. Looks like a trash can - but it is incredibly light and … [Read more...]