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Google's self-driving car

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Google?

I see you, with your Android phone, and your Google watch, and your Google Glass. You think you know everything there is to know about Google. Well, prove it. Show what you know with our ultimate Google Trivia quiz. This quiz is meant to challenge


101 Uses For A Chromecast: Part One

The Google Chromecast has been in my hands for only three days, but I already see the full value. Still, with only four apps currently, many may ask, what exactly can the chromecast do? Well here are 12 functions that you can perform using the

chromecast chrome

Google Chromecast Simplifies Smart Television – Device Preview

Google released a new device today that promises to make streaming media to your television dramatically simpler, and that device costs $35. Google’s original venture into television (Google TV) in 2010 involved buying a new TV or an expensive device, and was criticized for limited functionality, and

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