Google Turns 15: Next Year They Can Google Drive (Birthday Reflection)

google's 15th birthday piñata game

Google has hit the big 1-5. Today, September 27th, is when Google traditionally celebrates its birthday, and we’re celebrating it right along with them, with a look back on year 14. These 15 things all happened within the last year. *Since you'll find this article useful, sign up for our email newsletter, to find even more fascinating articles, tips, tools, and reviews* Google Unveiled its helpout program: A marketplace for consulting of all kinds, from cooking to karate, via video chats/ hangouts. Google Unveiled Android’s latest iteration, Kit Kat, and partnered with Nestle … [Read more...]

101 Uses For A Chromecast: Part One


The Google Chromecast has been in my hands for only three days, but I already see the full value. Still, with only four apps currently, many may ask, what exactly can the chromecast do? Well here are 12 functions that you can perform using the chromecast right out of the box. This is the first part in a multipart series on Chromecast uses, which will be built up as more and more Chromecast apps make their way to market. UPDATE: Part Two of the list has been released. Watch Videos: From cat videos, to your best friend's baby crawling, if it's on Youtube, you can watch it in beautiful HD on … [Read more...]

Google Chromecast Simplifies Smart Television – Device Preview

chromecast chrome

Google released a new device today that promises to make streaming media to your television dramatically simpler, and that device costs $35. Google's original venture into television (Google TV) in 2010 involved buying a new TV or an expensive device, and was criticized for limited functionality, and complicated software. Google's next venture, the nexus Q completely flopped, once again facing limited functionality and a (really) high price tag. This new venture, on their chrome line, is a very exciting I just bought mine, and you can get one here, if you're interested. This new device, … [Read more...]

How To Get Android Studio IDE Right Now

So you want to download Android Studio, Google's new Android intergrated Development enviroment, released at 2013 Google IO? We've got you covered. Get it before your friends and colleagues by following these 4 steps.   Visit this hidden support page, which has the Android Studio download Accept the terms and conditions. and click the download button. Have fun, and enjoy the brilliant new environment. Check out our Google section for the latest from IO, and more. … [Read more...]