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101 Uses For a Chromecast: Part Two

The list continues…   Why The List is Stuck at Just 15 When I originally devised the list, I assumed rollout of Chromecast apps would be very fast. That was the original plan. In reality, API and hacking troubles have delayed the Chromecast development process

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Review: Oyster – the Netflix of books

Recently I reached out to a young company called Oyster, about demoing their new service. Their website boldly claims “Read unlimited books. Just $9.95 a month”, so being a reader, I was naturally excited about the prospects of not having to pay $10 a month

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Dear Blackberry: Don’t Be Stupid

Periodically I will write open letters to tech companies, usually chastising them for interface, or some form of glitch. Now I write to Blackberry to chastise them for a marketing mistake, which really could be corrected. Now, here’s my letter: Dear Blackberry, Rumor has it

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How To Install WordPress on a mac in 5 Clicks for free

Webmaster, bloggers, and designers often need to work on wordpress design on a test site before sending something over to a live site, but most solutions for getting wordpress installs onto a mac involve complex virtual servers, and manual uploading and setup. There’s an easier

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