101 Uses For a Chromecast: Part Two

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The list continues...   Why The List is Stuck at Just 15 When I originally devised the list, I assumed rollout of Chromecast apps would be very fast. That was the original plan. In reality, API and hacking troubles have delayed the Chromecast development process by months. The good news is that this list will soon grow dramatically, because Google has finally opened up the process more. The bad news, for now we're stuck at 15. This is the second of a multipart series showcasing 101 things to do with a chromecast. We tested the Chromecast for months to make sure it was … [Read more...]

Review: Oyster – the Netflix of books

Recently I reached out to a young company called Oyster, about demoing their new service. Their website boldly claims “Read unlimited books. Just $9.95 a month”, so being a reader, I was naturally excited about the prospects of not having to pay $10 a month to read a couple of books. Unfortunately Oyster faces the same flaw that every content-driven startup faces. They can’t afford the rights to the best books. Still, this flaw is not fatal, and redeeming qualities I'll describe below make Oyster an excellent service for many avid readers. The app itself (available for iPad, iPhone, … [Read more...]

Dear Blackberry: Don’t Be Stupid

Periodically I will write open letters to tech companies, usually chastising them for interface, or some form of glitch. Now I write to Blackberry to chastise them for a marketing mistake, which really could be corrected. Now, here's my letter: Dear Blackberry, Rumor has it you're releasing BBM for iPhone and Android on September 20th. You know what else is being released on September 20th? The iPhone 5S. Let me know if you see the problem yet. I get the whole "it's hard to compete in hardware" thing, and that you're selling assets and becoming a software company in some sense, but … [Read more...]

How To Install WordPress on a mac in 5 Clicks for free

Webmaster, bloggers, and designers often need to work on wordpress design on a test site before sending something over to a live site, but most solutions for getting wordpress installs onto a mac involve complex virtual servers, and manual uploading and setup. There's an easier way. Here's how to set up a fully manipulable test install of Wordpress on a mac in only five clicks.   Instructions for Installing Wordpress On Mountain Lion Open up the Mac App Store. Search for "BitNamiStackWordpress". Install the free app of the same name, and launch it. The app will do all the heavy lifting for … [Read more...]