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commaful - make facebook caption videos free

Rejoice! Make Facebook caption videos In 10 minutes or less (with one free tool)

We’ve all seen them: those short Facebook videos with text-overlays that gets millions and millions of views. They’re optimized for Facebook’s algorithm, and they go crazy viral. And they look super-simple to create. They’re short, with standard text-overlays, stock audio, and pre-made gifs and clips. Companies like Futurism build their entire social presence around them. Yet, most of these companies are using old, expensive,...


Hosting WordPress Sites with Flywheel – The Honest Review

What’s the mark of a great WordPress host? After 10+ hosts I’ve learned that it all comes down to this: How often you have to think about them? When you have to ask “Why is my website so slow?” or “Why is my website down?” or “Should I update to the latest version of WordPress?”, that’s time away from things that actually matter to...

donald trump cellphone

Trump-Rejects Is The Most Devious Use of $20 in Twilio Credits

wat After a recent Hackathon, I found myself in the possession of $20 in Twilio Credits. Twilio, for those of you who don’t know it, is a communications-as-a-service company. They have APIs for texting, calling, video-chatting and a bunch of other things. It’s a great company, but it wasn’t immediately clear what I should do with $20 in their credits. …Then it hit me as...

A dirty, dusty macbook

The Secret To Fixing Your Hot, Slow Macbook Pro (For Free)

Your Macbook Pro is dirty. The inside is packed with dust and lint, clogging your fan and your air vents, and weighing it down. And it’s slow, and hot, and miserable. Many computer whizzes out there would tell you to grab a can of compressed air, and a Pentalobe P5 screwdriver and clean out your Macbook yourself. There are plenty of tutorials for cleaning your...