Author: Michael Sitver

Microsoft Band wearable - Microsoft turnaround

Microsoft’s Steady Comeback Has Begun

Microsoft was in bad shape when CEO Steve Ballmer left this year. It was very fiscally healthy, but it had failed twice in two years to release a successful tablet despite billions spent on marketing. Microsoft’s Windows phones picked up only a fraction of the global smartphone market. Microsoft’s most lucrative products, the  Office Suite and Windows, faced steep competition from Google’s own offerings. Over the past decade, Microsoft...

project ARA connectors prototype

Behinds the Scenes| Engineering Project ARA

Project ARA, Google’s modular smartphone, is finally coming into form. The folks from Phonebloks released a cool behind-the-scenes video that showcases how much progress has been made.. The Phonebloks crew went up to NK labs (hired by Google to develop ARA) near Boston to shoot this. Ara’s Lego-like modular connector system is really coming along too. In just a few months, Google will unveil the second major iteration...

cvs pharmacy apple pay ceo

Dear CVS CEO: I wouldn’t give up on ApplePay just yet

[This letter was emailed to CVS Caremark CEO Larry Merlo this morning.] Dear Mr. Merlo, According to sources, you’re looking to build a system that allows you to circumvent credit card processing fees. I’m not a betting man, but I promise you that your solution will do no more than waste your company’s time, and money. Over the rest of this letter, I’ll try...

3D Printing Guide in under 1000 words

Read Now: 3D Printing in under 1000 words

We’ve got a special new book just for you. 3D printing can be  confusing, and before our new e-book, learning about it could take some time. That’s why we packed about 3-4 hours worth of content into a 20-30 minute e-book. We wanted to make it easy to learn about 3D printing. Reading “3D Printing In Under 1000 Words” is not going to make...

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