With over 80,000 targeted Monthly pageviews and over 11,000 unique visitors (according to AWStat), The App Store Chronicle is becoming a premier source of technology trends. We interview influencers, predict trends, and review the latest gadgets, and we’ve built a following from it which we’re willing to share with you.

Evolving Ad Forms

To keep pageload time to a minimum, we recently switched away from regular ads, but we’re happy to do them upon request. Most of our revenue is from affiliate sales and partnerships.

Ad Stats Last Updated Monday September 23rd, based on stats from the previous 23 days.

Audience Stats

  • According to user survey, users own average of three recent gadgets per person
  • 70% Male Audience
  • 70% identify themselves as nerds, geeks, or both
  • A community of early adopters, and people who love trying new things

Technology You Can Count On

For most ad products, we serve your ad from Google’s industry-standard Doubleclick ad servers, making sure your ad loads consistently. Included in your ad package, you will receive results from their award-winning tracking emailed to you weekly.

For our sidebar 125 px product, we use a specialized program that also ensures clean delivery, and we provide manual reporting.

Available Ad Products:

  • Contest partnership: $100 plus the cost of prizes and shipping
  • Sponsored Articles: $150 flat fee + $15 a month
  • 468×60 Px Top Ad Next To Header: $120 A Month
  • 300×300 in sidebar $100 a Month
  • 250×250 in sidebar $80 a Month
  • 125×125 in sidebar $50 a Month
  • 200×200 px Inline ad- $80 a month
  • Large Banner Ad at the bottom of the page- Capture high quality traffic at a bargain: $70 a month
  • Newsletter ad: $30 a week, or $100 A Month

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