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A dirty, dusty macbook

The Secret To Fixing Your Hot, Slow Macbook Pro (For Free)

Your Macbook Pro is dirty. The inside is packed with dust and lint, clogging your fan and your air vents, and weighing it down. And it’s slow, and hot, and miserable. Many computer whizzes out there would tell you to grab a can of compressed air, and a Pentalobe P5 screwdriver and clean out your Macbook yourself. There are plenty of tutorials for cleaning your...

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Guide: Here’s how to fix Safari (OSX + IOS) In January 2016

Imagine my surprise when I found Apple’s Safari to be broken on both my iPhone, and my Mac. In OSX I got an “uncaught exception” error. In iOS, Safari just crashed (quit forcibly) without any warning. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for both. Here’s how to fix Safari’s January 2016 bug. On a Mac (OSX) Open a fresh Safari window. Do not touch it. The...


I Scared The Pants Off My Friends With a $22 VR Device And a Horror Film

You’re sitting in someone’s living room. It’s mid afternoon, and you’re having tea, chatting with a woman who looks vaguely familiar. You look around, and observe an ornate rug, and the leather couch you’re sitting on. Suddenly, you hear a rattling noise. You turn to find that the teacups on the table in front of you are shaking, as are the walls, and the...


A Wearable That Fights Pain — Intelligently

I play tons of golf: Nine holes daily. I love it, but carrying a 20 pound bag three miles every day takes its toll. Everything hurts, from my wrist, to my feet. Maybe one day we’ll eliminate pain, but for now, at least we can make injuries hurt less, with wearables like Cur (the subject of this article). Cur (pronounced “cure”) is a wireless, wearable...

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