Trump-Rejects Is The Most Devious Use of $20 in Twilio Credits

watdonald trump cellphone

After a recent Hackathon, I found myself in the possession of $20 in Twilio Credits. Twilio, for those of you who don’t know it, is a communications-as-a-service company.

They have APIs for texting, calling, video-chatting and a bunch of other things. It’s a great company, but it wasn’t immediately clear what I should do with $20 in their credits.

…Then it hit me as I was watching Donald Trump on the news.

I remembered this devious little phone number from my childhood called the “rejection hotline”. You gave it out to people who you didn’t want to have your real number. When called, it let you know the bad news: “You’ve been rejected”.

I thought “I can do this better” and I decided to build a Trumpy version of this.

Trump-Rejects was born.

It took me about a day’s work. I spent 3-4 hours scouring the web for great Trump quotes, an hour learning the basic Twilio API, and another two hours configuring my app to serve the quotes to Twilio when called. A few hours later, I had built a devious new tool…

Imagine conversations like these:

trump pickup lines

Text the “Trump Rejects” hotline and it will send you a bombastic Trump quote. The quotes are general enough to lead someone on for a few messages, but ludicrous enough to eventually give up the jig.

Call the hotline and you’ll hear “I’m sorry” followed by a medley of Trump’s signature “You’re Fired!”s.

Internet, I beg you not to be too devious with this! *Warning: Not recommended for rejecting VP picks.

Text or call 1-424-348-7867 and enjoy!


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