You Really Don’t Need This $8 “Selfie Button” (But You’re Still Going To Buy It)

selfie button

You don’t need this. Nobody needs one. And yet tens of thousands of people are buying them. So-called selfie buttons. Teeny, tiny bluetooth buttons that allows you to take selfies (and other photos) on your smartphone from up to 60 feet away. They’re going mega-viral.

That’s why I thought you’d like to know that Groupon is offering selfie buttons for $20 off of their regular price. For the next week, the “Selfie Button” will run you just under $8 from Groupon .

I’m not much of a selfier, but bluetooth buttons can also be really useful for other things, so I’ll definitely be placing my order this week.

You can buy one for yourself (or your selfie-loving friend) here, or you can just laugh at what we’ve become as a society, and the people who are buying this.

One of my favorite personal selfies

Checking out the Golan Heights #soldierselfie #selfie #middleeast

A photo posted by Michael Sitver (@msitver) on

People who bought this item, also bought the potty-training iPad stand. 😉

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