Apple iPhone Event 2013 – Live Notes and Details

These are lives Notes on Apple’s 2013 iPhone event. They will be updated and filled in as information becomes available.

Talking Points:

  • iTunes Festival – Music festival online

  • Apple Store Update:

  • 700 millionth iOS device next month

iOS 7 and Siri:

  • Presented by: Craig Federighi

  • Parralax Effect (3D springboard)

  • Can figure out commute time based on traffic

  • Pulldown universal search

  • Tabs in Safarai

  • Siri can now be male or female – can also read tweets

  • Remastered alerts sounds

  • iOS built-in live camera effects

  • built-in square photos for instagram

  • Airdrop for iOS – could have used this when I lost power during a hurricane

  • Over 200 new features – the usual ambiguity over what those are

  • Available September 18th

  • Works on: iPhone 4 later and iPad 2 and later and the 5th gen iPod touch

  • iWork for iCloud – still excited about this – any platform

  • iWork, iPhoto, iMovie now free (there goes $100 down the toilet for me) :(

iPhone 5C Specs:

Replacing the whole (lower the price of last year’s). iPhone 5 and below Gone for good. Schiller presents:

  • processor – A6

  • display

  • COLOR: 5 Colors – Plastic- green, white, blue, pink and yellow – cheapens the brand? – Unibody design -entire back – at least the screen is glass

  • Steel-reinforced

  • 4 inch Retina Display

  • Special cases so color shines through

  • camera – Facetime HD Front – 3x Zoom Back with increased lowlight performance – 8 MP

  • design

  • Battery Life: Higher Capacity Battery

  • 100 MBpS dual band Wifi – finally

  • ONLY $99 – a great value  (16GB). 32 GB 5C is $199

special features:

iPhone 5S Specs:

  • Black, Gold and Silver

  • Aluminium

  • M7 – new chip/part – “motion co-processor” – deals with compass, accelerometer, gyroscope to read data while processor works on other things – keeps track of activities, like Jawbone UP (my review)

  • processor SOC A7 is 64 bit – twice as fast on tasks and graphics

  • Fast like LIGHTNING

  • 40X faster than first iPhone

  • A billion transistors

  • “Console level graphics”

  • FAST

  • display

  • Camera: F2.2 aperture camera – that means insane Depth of field and low light performance – Bigger pixels – makes it more of a camera, less “caamera phone”

    • Still 8 MP – respectable

    • Auto white balance – key

    • 2 LEDs for better flash performance

    • Auto Stableization – also key – maybe I would have been able to get a clean photo of air force one while my wrists were shaking, with this

    • 10 pics per second burst mode! Better than DSLR cameras

    • Slow Motion Video Camera – sick awesome – 120 fps HD (slowed 400%)

    • 28 MP adjustable Panorama

    • TouchID – for those who hate passcodes – Fingerprint scanner under home button – 70 microns thin, 500 pixels per inch – insanely great – first time I’ve been able to use that phrase in years

    • What if you break your home button?

    • Also replaces iTunes password!

    • 50% of people don’t lock their phone

    • What if a friend needs to access it? Option of passcode?

    • Saphire button, so it won’t break

    • encrypted

    • 16 GB $199, 32 GB $299

    • Dyed leather case = $39

    • 4S 8GB still around

    • 5S and 5C due to arrive September 20th in 100 countries

    • Still looks like an iPhone 5 – just like 4S and 4

  • design

  • battery: 10 hours of talk time, 250 standby, 10 browsing – excellent

special features

OSX Mavericks: No info

Mac Pro Specs and Features:

No info

  • Processor

  • Hard Drive

  • Design

  • Power Consumption

  • Other Special Features:

AND ONE FINAL QUOTE FROM Elvis  Costello: “New Song. Costello: “It’s from an album we’re releasing…See I’ve got product announcements.”


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