See inside Beijing’s Giant Apple Store(Photos)

A decade ago, Apple’s brand was limited mostly to the USA, with some limited penetration in Europe and Asia. Now, only a short time later, they’ve built an incredible worldwide empire of stores, one of which I visited today.

The Beijing Apple Store is massive, with a multistory glass storefront right in the heart of Beijing’s more upscale commercial district. Just down the street, a variety of vendors peddle everything from candied fruit to fried cockroach skewers. Drawing visitor from hundreds of yards away is an incredibly bright monitor, displaying a constant loop of  Apple commercials. As the commercials transition from white to black, the area becomes noticeably darker.

IMG 6874

Inside the store, multilingual geniuses direct customers through the massive retail space. A large Apple logo lights up a massive glass spiral staircase, which leads to the next floor. 

IMG 6876

All around are happy patrons, enjoying the products inside just as much as their US counterparts. This consistency of design, grandiose scale, and service is what makes Apple amazing.

IMG 6884

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