How To Quickly Load Business Card into Contacts: App to load Business Cards

Business cards are great ways to share contact info, but unless people start including QR codes on their cards (some people are), loading them into contacts apps is a pain. Here’s an app to load business cards in seconds.

  1. Download Cardmunch (free) from the app store.
  2. Open Cardmunch, and log into Linkedin (they own the app, so you have to log in – still free).
  3. Take a picture of your card, using the in-app camera function. Make sure text is crisp, and clear. Submit it.
  4. Walk away (or close the app). You’re done. In a few minutes, your card will load into your contacts, without you having to enter a single piece of data, and as a bonus, it will load data from their linkedin profile for you too, giving you instant access to more info on them.
  5. Your welcome, for the time savings.
iphone app to load business cards

baby loves his business cards – and he uses the app to load business cards


P.S if you see this. If there’s an app to load business cards into your iPhone, there’s an app for everything.

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