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Exclusive: Apple Reveals New Products Coming By June

In this week’s earnings call on Q2 of 2013, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer explained his prediction of decreased margins by “a different product mix” in June, confirming multiple changes to Apple’s existing line of hardware.

Other hints were dropped by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on the call, who mentioned “new hardware and software services”, “exciting new product categories”- maybe Television, and a lot more surprises through 2013, as Apple continues its’ focus on the long term. Cook elaborated that he was “very excited…[about] these potential new categories”.

It’s also going to be a nice fall, with Cook clarifying also, that “we’ve got some really exciting stuff coming through the fall and all of 2013″.


For a more specific offering of what to expect, check out our  full predictions for Apple 2013.

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