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34 Blogging and Webmaster Resources

There are a ton of startups out there to help you with your business, or blog. Here’s a giant list of services that may interest you.

  1. Aweber: Popular Email marketing Solution
  2. Mailchimp: Also popular Email Marketing Solution- generous free plan
  3. Mixrank: “Spy” on your competitor’s marketing with this cool analytical app.
  4. Google Analytics: Professional Site Metrics program. completely free
  5. Lighthouse: issue tracking software
  6. Launchrock: Awesome launchpage maker.
  7. Qualaroo: Behavior analysis+AB testing= Psychological insane awesomeness.
  8. Optimizely: A,B testing service.
  9. Pingdom: Page Speed Analysis Tool and web monitoring
  10. Pagespeed: Another Page Speed grading tool.
  11. Hootsuite: Social Media Management Platform.
  12. Clicktale: Heatmap and Engagement analysis tool.
  13. Clue App: free Effectiveness and design Testing Tool.
  14. Studiopress: Premium, well made, wordpress themes.
  15. Grader: Free marketing analysis tool
  16. Tweetdeck: Social media management tool, and twitter client.
  17. Duckboard: Website dashboard. Monitoring area. Mission control.
  18. Mixpanel: Expensive Analytics tool.
  19. Gosquared: Enhanced Web analytics tool.
  20. Disqus Comments: Off-site managed commenting system.
  21. Polldaddy: Make polls, surveys, ratings, etc.
  22. Surveymonkey: Make polls, and surveys, and analyze your traffic.
  23. Alexa: Site ranker. Compare your site to others around the world.
  24. Pivotaltracker: Bug tracking tool.
  25. Open Site Explorer: Site and SEO analysis tool.
  26. CrazyEgg: The best heatmap tool out there.
  27. Nibbler Site Testing: Site quality scoring and analysis.
  28. Usabilla: User feedback tool.
  29. Five Second Test: Design testing tool.
  30. Recurly: Recurring Billing tool.
  31. Tender: Customer support system builder
  32. Wufoo: form builder
  33. Desk: fully featured Customer support system
  34. Google Webmaster Tools: SEO analysis directly from Google. Free and amazing.
  35. MaxCDN: Content delivery network for speeding up your site.

Got any suggestions? Leave it in the comments, and we’lll add it to the list. Enjoy these webmaster resources.

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