2013 Website April Fools Jokes List- Google, Hulu, and More

It's April 1st and everybody is getting into the spirit with pranks all over the web from Google, to Youtube, to Mashable. Here's a running list of Pranks, and where to find them. Google Nose: Google's new scent-based sniffing search service. Google's yearly prank. Youtube is Shutting down. It's all been an 8 year contest. The winners can be found here (as of 12:37 PM Eastern, the live results show was on). Davinci invented Google Glass- Mashable's Shocking Discovery Google Maps Now offers Treasure maps. Find treasure in your area. Introducing...Gmail Blue, Gmail's latest April … [Read more...]

Breaking: I Won The Google Glass Explorer Competition #ifihadglass

google glass explorer program winner

A few months ago Google launched a contest called #ifihadglass. Millions competed just for the opportunity to preorder a pair for $1500. Well, I won! Now I have to decide if I can find $1500 to pay for the glasses, and make it to New York for the launch event. My entry: #ifihadglass  I would test various ways we can use Glass to save lives on my upcoming charity trips to the third world, and as part of my research as the founder of projectinnovate.org, a new organization working to open up dialogue on global issues, freeing them from society's typical constraints. Apparently they liked … [Read more...]

Did Netflix Invent the Binge?

No. As frequently as its' claimed (shout out to you- Wired Magazine) Netflix far from invented the tv-binge where an entire series is watched straight through. Bingewatching has been happening ever since the first series appeared on VHS and other tape formats(if you don't know what that is- ask your parents). I've talked to several people who told me they binged through series on DVD while in college. What Netflix did was innovate. They took an existing process, and made it much easier. Instead of having to buy or rent the series, you can stream it to your computer in seconds. It's … [Read more...]