Monthly Archive: March 2013

2013 Website April Fools Jokes List- Google, Hulu, and More

It’s April 1st and everybody is getting into the spirit with pranks all over the web from Google, to Youtube, to Mashable. Here’s a running list of Pranks, and where to find them. Google Nose: Google’s new scent-based sniffing search service. Google’s yearly prank. Youtube is Shutting down. It’s all been an 8 year contest. The winners can be found here (as of 12:37 PM...

Did Netflix Invent the Binge?

No. As frequently as its’ claimed (shout out to you- Wired Magazine) Netflix far from invented the tv-binge where an entire series is watched straight through. Bingewatching has been happening ever since the first series appeared on VHS and other tape formats(if you don’t know what that is- ask your parents). I’ve talked to several people who told me they binged through series on...

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