Who Will Buy a 128 GB iPad/Tablet? EVERYONE!

In August 2009, Rafe Needleman of Cnet wrote an article titled “Why Consumers won’t buy Tablets” . Apple has since sold 100 million iPads, and worldwide tablet sales are nearing the billion mark for the year in 2013.

ipad mini

Will we ever see a 128 GB Mini?

Mr. Needleman wasn’t stupid, nor was he alone. He just fell into the continual trend of denial which has been happening since the printing press in 1450. The fact is, tablets are taking over the PC market, and as tablets begin to fully replace laptops, and desktops alike, we’ll see tablet stastics resemble PCs more and more, and tablets will catch up to the PC in terms of hardware.

Just yesterday, gaming news network IGN wrote:

” But with the Wi-Fi-only and LTE-enabled models priced at $799 and $929 respectively in a climate of increasing focus on streaming media and low-cost tablets, who is Apple really targeting with its storage-heavy device?”


So, who will buy the 128 GB iPad?

This year it will be mostly businesses, media professionals, and business travelers. It will be people who need the space for documents, movies to pass long hours on the road, and presentations. It will be for doctors, and engineers who need heavy graphic information on-site. But in two years.

Within two years, we’ll be seeing tablets majorly replacing personal macs and other PCs for many people. Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software, in an interview with us this week, called for the immediate death of the PC, saying “The days of the PC are over. I suspect PCs will still be around in 10 years, but they will have become an expensive niche product. When the kids who grow up with an iPad today grow up, they won’t want to go back to the PC”. The fact is, PCs are taking the role of the PC for home use. We’ll still see traditional computers in roles like video editing, precise graphics, writing, and business, but we’ll see the phasing out of traditional home PCs very soon. We’re already seeing it with the transitions of Windows with Windows 8 into a tablet operating system. When the iPad’s your primary PC, you’re going to want all the room you can get, and you might be the first to line up for that 500 gigabyte iPad in 2015.

Do you plan on making the switch anytime soon?

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