How Macs are Made [Video Factory Tour]

There once was a time when the Macintosh was manufactured in the USA, in Fremont, California. At the time, Apple was a more transparent company, and they made a video showcasing the process by which the mac was made and tested in that factory.

This factory was Steve Jobs’s pride and joy. He built it from the ground up to look good, instead of just working efficiently. Notice the robots, and floor tiles, both personal touches of Jobs.

That factory is long gone, replaced by secure Asian facilities, but the video is still here, and it’s fascinating if you’d like to watch it below.

Ironically, Tesla Motors, with the same revolutionary attitude that Apple had at the time, has their factory in Fremont as well, only miles from the site of this tragedy.

Tesla has the same futuristic aims of domination, and the same clean factory design. The question is, can they achieve their goal without compromise? Until we find out, enjoy the video.

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