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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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Who Will Buy a 128 GB iPad/Tablet? EVERYONE!

In August 2009, Rafe Needleman of Cnet wrote an article titled “Why Consumers won’t buy Tablets” . Apple has since sold 100 million iPads, and worldwide tablet sales are nearing the billion mark for the year in 2013. Mr. Needleman wasn’t stupid, nor was he

Their Fotomagico App Is Currently #7 Top Grossing in Photography

Our Interview With Boinx CEO Oliver Breidenbach

I love animation. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was little, and when I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of the company that makes my absolute favorite animation software (review here), I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Today we have an¬†interview¬†with Oliver

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Review: Fiverr- A Good Extra Cash Source?

Recently I started offering light freelancing opportunities on a website called Fiverr (you can buy stuff from me here) which offers thousands of different custom items and services for $5 a pop. Is it worth the time though? I’ll answer that, the moneymaking potential, and

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