Facebook’s Best/Worst Year Ever: A Full Report on FB 2012

This new years, all of the thousands of employees of Facebook are trying to determine what happened in 2012, which was probably their best and worst year in their 10 year history. Let’s take a look back, and see what happened. IPO Facebook goes public. Good or bad? Debatable. While the IPO is usually a good sign of permanence and value to most companies, Facebook lost nearly half its’ value at points during the year. The Zuck's net worth went down like a vertical jump. It was not a good year for the publicly traded Facebook as people wondered how they would possibly make enough money. … [Read more...]

I Could Talk About Technology But…

I could talk about technology as usual, but today I'm going to do something different. As we close the year, I want to highlight an organization that doesn't get enough credit. How many times have you been on Wikipedia this year? Dozens? Hundreds of times perhaps? Every poorly researched research paper, and verified scientific fact you get from them is  ad- free thanks to the Wikimedia Foundation,  thousands of donors who pay for it, and hundreds of thousands of volunteers who keep it accurate and spam-free though they're payed in nothing but gratitude. Even the founder and head of the … [Read more...]

Review: Blogeasy For Mac, Not So Easy?

Macs are great for nearly everything. One thing they're not so great for is blogging. There are very few blogging clients out there for mac, and even fewer that work well. Blogeasy ($10) fits into the former, but not the latter category. While Blogeasy is usable, and functioning, I wouldn't call it functional. First of all, there is no way to load previous posts. This is specifically for new posts because there is simply no way to edit anything else. That's only the icing of the limitation cake though. Don't expect to add images to your posts. Don't expect to bold, underline, or color … [Read more...]