How To Wirelessly Download Anything From Your Android Phone

I hate wires. I hate plugging things into my computer just to retrieve a bit of information. That’s why this particular android app is really awesome. That app is Kies Air and it allows full transfer of data including pictures, videos, files, music, call and text logs, and more to your computer straight through your web browser on any wifi network. Here’s how it’s done. Let me know if you enjoy it.

  1. Download Kies Air from the Google Play store onto your Android device.
  2. Connect both your computer and device to the same Wireless network.
  3. Open Kies Air on your Android device. It will give you simple prompts to establish your connection by opening a web app on your network. You will then verify for security reasons. It’s very simple and well designed so this should not give you trouble.
  4. Download whatever you want from your device straight from your computer with no wires and no fiddling with touch menus on the device. It’s so easy which is why I loved testing it, and it’s free. Enjoy, and sign up for our newsletter to stay current on all things technology.


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